18 Jan 2017

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Book Review / Bone Meal for Roses by Miranda Sherry

Her mother destroyed her. The garden saved her.

Poppy was six years old when she was rescued from her abusive mother and taken to her grandparents' farm to recover. There, under a wide South African sky, Poppy succumbs to the magic of their garden. Slowly, her memories fade and her wounds began to heal.

But as Poppy grows up into a strange, fierce and beautiful young woman, her childhood memories start to surface. And then a love affair with a troubled older man explodes her world...

Published:     8th September 2016
Publisher:  Head of Zeus
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Series or Stand-Alone:  Stand-Alone
Source:  Review Copy from Publisher


Now this was a very surprising read indeed!  Looking at the cover for this book alone I would assume that this would be a reasonably happy read and that would be a very wrong assumption.  Although there are some happy moments in this book it does concentrate on some very sensitive topics such as an very abusive druggy mother and dealing with the death of the people you love.

This book was such an emotional read for me.  From the very start of the story we see Poppy living with her mother who was so drugged up that she forgot to buy food leaving Poppy to beg, steal or look in rubbish bins.  When Poppy's grandfather arrives at the door after finding out that he has a granddaughter he takes Poppy with her to live with him and her grandmother.  Obviously over the years Poppy (who then changes her name once she is settled) still has her problems but learns slowly to live her life properly, choosing to spend a lot of time in the garden which is where she seems at her happiest.

Now, I will not go into too much detail about the meaning of the title but there is a certain part of the story that left me shocked and heartbroken at the same time.  It certainly gives the title to this novel a whole new meaning.  You need to pick up this book if you haven't....  

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