13 Sep 2016


Book Review / Soldier's Wives by Fiona Field

This page-turning soap opera interweaves the stories of three women trying to get to grips with military life.

Chrissie, orphaned young, finds solace in her career as a medic in the regiment, but will love for a married man prove her undoing?

Maddy, a brilliant Oxford graduate, is bogged down with a fretful baby and a super-ambitious officer husband. Will she be able to stand life as a regimental wife?

And Jenna - glamorous, bad girl Jenna, who doesn't believe in rules and regulations. Will she destroy her husband's career? Or will it destroy her?

Published:     28th May 2014
Publisher:  Head of Zeus
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Series or Stand-Alone:  Book 1, Soldier's Wives
Source:  Review Copy from Publisher


What I liked about this story...  This is one of the first stories I have read that is based in army life and I really enjoyed following each of the families, watching how they live and seeing how they deal with their other halves working as soldiers.  I liked how most of them try to work together and 'make the best of it' just to make sure that it all works and their lives all work together with the regiment life.

What I didn't like about this story...  There was one particular character in this book that I really could not stand.  Absolutely despised.  Jenna is young, self involved and I had the impression that all she cared about was herself and her life,despite the fact that she was recently married and should be settling into that with her husband.  She didn't seem to get that if she did certain things it could get her husband into trouble and could also make him lose his job.  She was more concerned with what she got out of any situation.  I really hated that and although that was what she was meant to be like that particular character really bothered me to the point where I couldn't really enjoy the story. 

In summary...  This was a really fun book to read about Regiment home life and I will definitely be picking up more in this series but I might just give it a break for a bit just so I can go into book 2 with fresh eyes.

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