1 Jul 2015


Book Review / A Gift for Carers by William Long

This book was written following the author's personal struggle with the psychological and physical pressures of caring for his mum. His experiences and research led him to develop a solution which counters the devastating effects of what the medical world refers to as "Caregiver Syndrome." He identifies seven areas that make for a joyful life. This book is packed full of stories that will educate, inform and inspire the reader to create a better life and future. The author's engaging style will ensure that you definitely will not want to put this book down. After reading this book you will enjoy -

• Higher levels of self-esteem
• An improvement in your physical health
• A greater understanding of yourself and others
• A powerful mind-set
• A more optimistic outlook
• The ability to handle change
• The confidence just to be yourself
• Greater focus and a sense of direction
• A general feeling of contentment and wellbeing.

Published:     2nd March 2015
Publisher:  Austin McCauley 

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Source:  Review Copy from Publisher

My Review

Although I have to admit I am not a carer I liked the idea of this book and the self-development aspect of it.   It has been a while since I read something non-fiction let alone a self-help style book I thought it would be good to give it a go.  I really enjoyed this.  

What I liked the most was the personal element the author put in using examples from his own life, especially in the beginning when he was describing what happened that led to him writing this book.  I also liked the fact that there were exercises and things to think about along the way which made the whole experience a lot more personal and took me longer to read as I wanted to take in the full experience of what the author intended.    

Even though the title of this book says that it is a 'Gift for Carers' you do not necesssarily have to be a carer to read this book.  If you are looking for a self-help book to help boost your health and wellbeing, definately check this one out.