31 Mar 2015

The Calender Book Tag

Over on You Tube there are all sorts of 'book tag videos' that I have been tagged in for a while now.  I thought it would be fun to do a blog post response.  Let me know if you want to see more.....

Original Video can be found here:    

New Years - Name a new release coming out this year that you are greatly anticipating.

I loved the first two books in this series and have the third book on my TBR to read soon.  I might just hold on until I get this one and marathon the next to books in the series...

Leap Year - Name a book or series that you would like to skip, and refuse to read.
I've had the first book in this trilogy on my shelf for ages and I just haven't picked it up to read.  To me, this book/series sounds so similar to a lot of others that are out at the moment.

St Patricks Day - Favorite book set in the countryside or a rural area?
It would not be a favourites post without including at least one Nicholas Sparks story.  The Notebook is one of my favourites of his (although to be honest, all of his books are pretty fantastic!) which is set in North Carolina.

April Fool’s - Name a book that had a story that tricked you into thinking it was going in one direction, but ended up going in a completely different one.
This was definately a surprising read for me.  There really isn't much of a description for this duology so when I went into it I just thought it might be a bit paranormal.  Well, the plot twist in this duology had me nearly falling off my chair!!  Fantastic!

Mothers Day - Name a book that is always there for you, that you love and lightens the mood when you are feeling down.
Oh yes, another Nicholas Sparks!!  This one is my favourite book of all time.  It has such a great message and the plot twist makes me happy every time!

Summer Solstice - Name a book that felt like it took forever to read.
At 697 pages long, even though it is a bind up of three books, it felt that reading it would never end.  I enjoyed the story but there comes a certain point where I thought I would never get to the end!

Independence Day - Name a strong and independent character that inspired you.
One of my more recent reads is the Divergent trilogy and the main character Tris sprang to mind when trying to think of a strong independent character that is inspiring...

No holidays - If you could create a holiday that in some way concerned books, what would it be?  It would have to be an entire day/week/year/end of time period of time where people would gather in a picnic style situation and they would be free to read books, talk about books, shop for books etc all in the same place...  It would be so much fun!  

911 Remembrance Day - What is a book that had a huge impact on you, one that you will always remember?   The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is that book.  I had not realised when I started reading it just what impact the plot twist would have on me.

Halloween - What is your favourite mystery or horror book?
Not sure if this could be called mystey or horror but since I don't read too many of both I chose this book for a fantastic Halloween read.

Thanksgiving - What series are you most thankful exists?
It has to be done really..   I am most thankful for the Twilight series because that was the series that brought me right back into reading again after a very long period of not reading anything at all...

Christmas - If you could recommend your viewers a book as a gift, what would you recommend?  It would have to be this duology which is such a beautiful story it will warm the hearts of anyone who reads them!