4 Mar 2012

Book Review - Alzheimer's Killing Me Unknowingly by Jana Pryor

Pryor, Jana. "Alzheimer's Killing Me Unknowingly: Jane's Story"
The book "Alzheimer's Killing Me Unknowingly: Jane's Story" will give readers insight to what really happens in the world of an Alzheimer's patient. Only those who have had a loved one stricken with Alzheimer's can truly understand the devastating effects of the disease. Alzheimer's disease is an abnormal way for an individual to age. It is fatal, and it consists of much more than just memory loss to the elderly. 

Alzheimer's disease is currently the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Statistics show over five million people are affected, but with baby boomers living longer the number could be rising. There are many books in publication about Alzheimer's and the different stages of the disease. HBO even aired the documentary "The Alzheimer's Project" which focused on behaviors of the Alzheimer's sufferer. But Jane's Story is unique because author Jana Pryor actually takes the reader into the life of her grandmother Jane who suffered and eventually perished from Alzheimer's disease. It is Ms. Pryor's desire to be a "voice" for the elderly who suffer from Alzheimer's. She also hopes her book will help prepare future caretakers of Alzheimer's patients for what lies ahead. 

Ms. Pryor feels society should be gravely concerned about the increasing number of Alzheimer's sufferers, as well as the increasing number of deaths related to the disease. It is not uncommon for Alzheimer's patients to wander off and disappear and eventually turn up dead. They drive on the wrong side of the street and are involved in fatal traffic accidents. They burn in fires they unknowingly start in their own homes. Those suffering from Alzheimer's can be a danger to themselves as well as to others. 

My Review

This is a short book at just under 100 pages and with about a fourth of the book being more factual, it was a very quick read but that doesn't make the story any less heartbreaking.  This is a very emotional story about Jane who suffers from Alzeimers and of Jana, Jane's Granddaughter, who cares for her grandmother. 

7 out of 10

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