10 May 2011

What's a romance book that every girl must read?

Well, this is a very easy question or me to answer. Since as far back as I can remember, I have been a huge romantic fiction fan. My favourite author is Nicholas Sparks although I do read other authors as well. I especially like romantic chick lit fiction as well. You know the ones, the ones that make you laugh out load with how funny the romantic drama is in the story is.

As for the one book that I would recommend to all you romantic fiction fans, that would have to be The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. This was one of the first books that I bought written by Nicholas Sparks and it absolutely blew me away. The way the story built up and the way we see the relationships between the different characters was spellbinding.

I promise that I will not spoil the ending for you but with The Wedding, the ending definitely did not disappoint me and it was definitely one of those endings that I completely did not expect and it was absolutely 100% the perfect ending for a romantic drama fiction.

If you have not give this book a go and you love reading romance, I would strongly recommend this one....

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titancia said...

I loved The Wedding! I loved it even more because it was a continuation of The Notebook (which was fabulous as well). I love books that, even if they're not a sequel, have elements of the previous books sprinkled throughout it.