14 Feb 2019

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Blog Tour Book Review / The Shape of Lies by Rachel Abbott

Yesterday, Scott was dead.
Today, he’s back.
And Anna doesn’t believe in ghosts.
Fourteen years ago Scott was Anna’s boyfriend. She loved him, but he ruined her life. When he died, she should have been free.

But today Scott is on the radio, talking about her. Threatening to spill her secrets.

Anna is a mother, a wife, and head teacher of a primary school. And she’s a very good liar. She has been lying about herself for so long, she doesn’t really know who she is any more.

Anna used to think she was a good person. She made one stupid mistake, and now she is having to pay for it – over and over again.

Scott is the only person who knows the truth about her past. But how can Scott be alive?

Soon, DCI Tom Douglas is going to knock on her door looking for answers. But Anna is already running scared: from the man she used to love; the man she watched die all those years ago; the man who has come back to life.

She has one week to find him. One week to stop him.

Published:     19th February 2019
Publisher:  Black Dot Publishing
Goodreads :  Click here
Series or Stand-Alone:  Book 8, DCI Tom Douglas
Source:  Review Copy from Publisher


A truly creepy read.  We follow Anna who, she believes, has just heard her old boyfriend Scott on the radio hinting at secrets that only they shared.  The only problem is, she believes that Scott is dead.  Se had thought that she left that secret long behind her.  She had already started a new life with a new family, who had no idea of her past or her big secret.

Although I suspected what the ending would be, I still enjoyed the ride and following Anna as she tries to piece together what is happening to her now and relive what happened to her and Scott in the past.

A truly creepy suspense read that you can pick up as a stand-alone read or read as part of the DCI Tom Douglas series.

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