21 Dec 2015


Book Review / Seriously... I'm Kidding by Ellen Degeneres

I've experienced a whole lot the last few years and I have a lot to share. 

So I hope that you'll take a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the words I've put together for you in this book. I think you'll find I've left no stone unturned, no door unopened, no window unbroken, no rug unvacuumed, no ivories untickled. What I'm saying is, let us begin, shall we?
Published:     4th October 2011
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing
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Series or Stand-Alone:  Stand-Alone
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I can honestly say that this book really surprised me.  I have been a long time fan of Ellen, right back to her TV show in the 1990s and thought it was about time that I read one of her books.  I decided to pick up this one.  My first impression before reading was that this would be a lot of laughs mainly and that is one of the reasons why I decided to read this on audio book as it was Ellen herself reading it.  Having Ellen read her own book just added to the greatness of this.  Of course, with this book there were a lot of elements which I found funny and elements where I found that I got a lot more of out this than just laughing.  I would highly recommend trying this if you haven't read one of Ellen's books  before, especially try this on audio, its so much fun although I would say that this is not so much a memoir of Ellen's life but like a compilation of anecdotes and stories.

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