18 Jun 2015


Book Review / The Beast by Lindsay Mead

Demon possession has swept through Glace's neighboring kingdom, turning humans into hellhounds. These great, fanged wolves are wild, desperate, and hungry. Only the sworn Hunters have kept them back for five long, bloody years.

At the young age of fifteen, Belle LeClair became a Hunter. She no longer remembers how many hounds she's killed, or how many friends she's buried. Still, Belle leads the hunt till a tragedy forces her deep into the dark kingdom. Her heart will be turned, her loyalty tested— and fate will intervene.

Amid a backdrop of Steampunk inventions and a harsh winter landscape, The Beast is a re-imagining of the infamous love between a beauty and a beast.

AUTHOR NOTE: June 22nd release date confirmed! Already available for pre-order on Kindle. Nook and paperback pre-orders coming very soon. -L

Published:     22nd June 2015
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Series or Stand-Alone:  Book 1, Hunter Legions
Source:  Review Copy from Author

My Review

What a great book one in the series, I can't wait to read more!  This book is a version of Beauty and the Beast, which just happens to be my most favourite fairytale of all time, so I was so excited when I knew Lindsay was writing this and even more excited when I was able to read the description of the story.  This story definately did not disappoint my expectations; not one bit!  

What I loved the most was the main character Belle.  In most Beauty and the Beast style stories that I have come across, Belle is usually portrayed as a 'delicate' charactre who loves books.  Well, right from the beginning I found out that this Belle has a lot more gumption to her.  Certainly being the Hunter Captain made her someone to definately follow and listen to!  The fact that this story started off with lots of action sucked me into the story straight away and I have to admit that I read this in two sittings (it would have been one sitting if I hadn't have had to have slept in between!).  

This is such a great first book in a series I would highly recommend it, even to those of you who would not normally pick up a fairytale retelling story - this is a great one!