6 May 2015


Book Review / As Good as it Gets? by Fiona Gibson

A warm, funny read for fans of Outnumbered and the novels of Fern Britton, Fiona writes about life as it really is.

“Midlife crisis? WHAT midlife crisis?!”

Charlotte Bristow is worried about her husband Will. With her 16-year-old daughter Rosie newly signed to a top modelling agency, and Will recently out of a job, things are changing in their household.

As Will dusts down his old leather trousers and starts partying with their new, fun neighbours, Charlotte begins to wonder what on earth is going on.

So when Fraser, Charlotte’s ex – and father of Rosie – suddenly arrives back on the scene, she starts to imagine what might have been…

Published:     26th February 2015
Publisher:  Avon Books
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Source:  Review Copy from Publisher

My Review

OK, so I gave this book two stars.  I didn't completely hate it.  The writing was really good and I really liked the characters but the problem I had reading this particular book was the fact that when I read the description of the book it read as though the main character Charlotte's life is not quite what she seemed and then her ex comes back into her life and things change but when reading the book the character of Fraser does not actually feature in the story until at least halfway through the book.  The first half I felt was a good introduction to the characters and the situations that were happening at that time but felt that it went on to long.  To be honest, it was the characters and the style of writing that kept me going until the end together with the fact that I was curious about how the story was going to end.

I am sad that I probably won't pick up this book again but I will definitely check out this author more to see if I get on better with one of her other books as it may just be this particular type of story that didn't suit me well.

About the Author
(From Goodreads)

Fiona is an author and journalist who has written for many UK publications including The Observer, The Guardian, Marie Claire, Red, New Woman, Top Sante and Elle. She writes a monthly column for Sainsbury’s magazine and is a Contributing Editor at Red magazine.

Fiona lives in Scotland with her husband, their twin sons and daughter. She likes to draw, run 10k races, play her saxophone and lie in the bath with a big glass of wine, although not all at once.