8 Apr 2015

Musical Theatre Book Tag

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1. Wicked - Favourite fictional friendship
This one was really easy to choose, it has to be Bella and Jacob from Twilight.  Not only was Twilight one of those series that really brought me back into reading and seeing characters who stay friends even though there are fights and unrequited love is really uplifting to read.

2. Sweeney Todd - Favourite villain
Now you might think that a Nicholas Sparks novel would be quite unusual for a favourite villian question but there is a particular character in this story, Richard Franklin, who meets our main character Julie and quickly becomes a very nasty character, certaintly one to keep your eyes on that's for sure!

3. Phantom of the Opera - Favourite love triangle
This is a very interesting love triangle.  You have the two sisters, Alice and Natalie, who are the main focus of this story and you one one other character which I won't say who as that would spoil the story

4. The Lion King - Favourite sidekick
Now this is a fairly recent read for me and I have to say that Jace in City of Bones is a great sidekick to the main character of Clary.   But then again so is the character of Simon!

5. Grease - Least favourite ending
I am really really sad to say that this book holds my least favourite ending.  Despite the fact that I felt the main character in this book did not so nice things to get revenge I felt that the ending was not one that I would have chosen for the main character.

6. Matilda: The Musical - Favourite adaptation of a book
Of course it has to be a Nicholas Sparks book to movie adaptation!  This is my favourite of them all and is the first Nicholas Sparks movie I had ever watched.