12 Jan 2015

Book Review / Kissed by An Angel Books 1-3 by Elizabeth Chandler





When Ivy's boyfriend Tristan dies, she's desolate without him, until she discovers Tristan hasn't abandoned her - he's her guardian angel, watching over her, close enough to hear, to see, to touch...

But Ivy's life is in danger. If Tristan rescues her, his mission on earth will be over and he'll have to leave her behind.
Will Ivy lose Tristan forever?

Published:     1st January 1999
Publisher:  Macmillan
Author Website:  Click here
Goodreads :  Click here
Series or Stand-Alone:  Books 1 to 3, Kissed by an Angel
Source:  Bought, from my TBR
Review:   2 out of 5

My Review

This book has been on my bookshelf for absolutely ages, not because I wasn't particularly interested in reading it but more that I just hadn't got around to reading it yet so in the spirit of my new book challenge #projecttbr I picked it up. 

What I loved about this story...
I really enjoyed the suspense/thriller type aspect of these stories where you have Ivy whose life is in danger and you are trying to figure out why she is in danger and who is out to get her.  I can tell you that nearly everyone in these stories was a potential suspect in my head.

What I was not fond of with this story... 
I had a really hard time getting into this story and remembering characters and situations after putting the book down and coming back to it later on.  Unfortunately, I big part of this book is remembering characters and situations so you can figure out what is going on.  I also felt that these three books were very slow paced and maybe could have been better as one book rather than 3.  

About the Author
(from Author Website, for more details check out the link above)

One of the great things about being a writer is that every time you start a new series or book you get to be—to live inside the heart of—a different person. Even in real life I get to be two people, Mary Claire Helldorfer, the name I was born with and use on my books for children, and Elizabeth Chandler, the pseudonym I use for YA novels. Friends call me Mary Claire or M.C., but I’m getting used to responding to Elizabeth, the name that fans of Kissed by an Angel and Dark Secrets use when contacting me.

Like many writers, I’ve earned a living doing various jobs. My happiest work has been teaching high school and college. But teaching is an all-consuming passion, just like writing; and often I have felt as if I couldn’t do both well, so I’ve tried other things. Have you ever wondered how some series authors can publish a pile of books so quickly? People like me ghost write under their names. Ever wonder who’s scripting those passages and sentences on school tests and exercises? Yup, that’s another way of paying bills if you’re good at words. I’ve also worked in the office world. Some jobs I’ve liked more than others, but the great thing about being a writer is that everything—even the worst job or most embarrassing moment of your life—is material. Are you a young writer wanting to meet characters who act in ways you’ve never even dreamed of? Try working, as I did, for a temp agency in New York City.

Every writer needs good teachers and I’ve had an abundance of them, many of them editors, others teaching at the schools I attended. Shout-outs go to the fierce nuns who graced my elementary school, St. Mary’s, to Ms. Walsh who taught me at Mercy High School, and to Philip McCaffrey who gave me so much encouragement at Loyola College, Baltimore. An interesting fact: over a two-year period I applied to ten graduate schools in creative writing and was rejected by all them. I bawled my eyes out and believed it was the end of the world. Then I got over it. As a result, an additional shout-out goes to the University of Rochester where I earned my Ph.D., determined to learn from “the dead guys” since I couldn’t make it in a seminar with the living ones. Thirty-six books later. . . .

If you’ve visited my website before now, you may have noticed that I allowed twelve years to elapse before updating it and just as long to post an official Facebook page. There’s a reason: I’d much rather spend precious time describing someone else, putting words in her mouth and letting her go through all the trauma of impossible love and murder. I’m just not as brave as my characters.
 So here are some undramatic facts to finish off this bio. I love sports, most especially my hometown Orioles and Ravens. I need to be outside, but it looks strange for someone my age to be climbing a jungle gym and swinging, so I dig in the garden a lot, and in the winter I shovel snow—other people’s when I run out of my own. My favorite authors are Jane Austen and P.D. James. My faith is extremely important to me. I am the lucky middle child with two amazing sisters. I take great joy in my nieces, nephews, and godchildren. I’m living happily in a rowhouse at the edge of Baltimore with the love of my life, my husband Bob, and our two kitties, Scooter and Birdie.