3 Dec 2014

Book Review / The Crash by Krystyna Kuhn

Mount Ghost looms high above Grace College, and holds as many secrets as the valley itself. 

Secrets of missing students, lies and betrayal.

Julia has barely scratched the surface of what the valley has hidden and she's determined to discover what connects her father to the mysterious Grace College.

The answer, she's sure, lies on Mount Ghost, so when her friend Katie suggests that they investigate the students who went missing there forty years ago, Julia jumps at the chance.

But Julia can no longer hide from her past in the valley. And she's not the only one . . .

Published:     4th October 2012
Publisher:   Little Brown Books
Author Website:  Click here
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Series or Stand-Alone:  Book 2 Das Tal
Source:  Review Copy from Publisher
Review:  2 out of 5

My Review

What I loved about this story...
I liked the premise of this story.  You have a college/school based story with lots of secrets and adventure.  I really enjoyed learning more about each of the characters and finding out a little bit about them (although not too much was given away in this book). 

What I was not fond of with this story...
Unfortunately, there is a bit more to put in this section than the section above that I would have wished I could write more about.  First off I am just going to mention that when I had finished reading this book and went to look up about the next book in the series, I discovered that not only was this book 2 in a series but that it is a translation so it made it more difficult to figure out on Goodreads what the series was and what was book 1/2 etc....  

The other thing I was a bit disappointed with is that in the description it mentions secrets of missing students  and answers that can be found on Mount Ghost.  More than three quarters of the book were about the students at the College and travelling up to Mount Ghost.  The bit that I was more excited about when starting this book was finding out what would happen when they got up to Mount Ghost.  Yes there were a few things that happened and you did find out something major but I felt it was very rushed and would have loved that part to be a bigger part of the story. 

About the Author

Krystyna Kuhn lives near Frankfurt with her husband and her daughter.