22 Sep 2012

Book Review - New Girl by Paige Harbison

"Welcome to Manderley Academy"I hadn't wanted to go, but my parents were so excited.... So here I am, the new girl at Manderley, a true fish out of water. But mine's not the name on everyone's lips. Oh, no.

It's Becca Normandy they can't stop talking about. Perfect, beautiful Becca. She went missing at the end of last year, leaving a spot open at Manderley--the spot that I got. And everyone acts like it's my fault that infallible, beloved Becca is gone and has been replaced by "not" perfect, completely fallible, unknown Me.

Then, there's the name on "my" lips--Max Holloway. Becca's ex. The one boy I should avoid, but can't. Thing is, it seems like he wants me, too. But the memory of Becca is always between us. And as much as I'm starting to like it at Manderley, I can't help but think she's out there, somewhere, watching me take her place.

Waiting to take it back.

Released:  31st January 2012
Source:  Netgalley Review
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My Review:    6 out of 10

Definitely a very interesting book to read.  I do love to read stories about school lives, things that do not go according to plan and following someone's struggles in fitting into a new society.  Thinking that going to a new school and meeting new people is going to he hard enough, it turns out that the new girl has some large shoes to fill.    I did find it confusing that we never really found out the name of the new girl (unless there was something I missed in reading this story).   With Becca missing, all throughout reading the novel there is always the question of what really happened and whether any of the characters the new girl meets along the way had a hand in the disappearance and as I read more and more of this story, seeing more and more of a bigger picture of who Becca was and how larger than life character she was/is, it was more of a mystery about what happened to Becca.

I have to admit that there were points in the story were I felt the story dragged but I did enjoy finding out more about this mysterious Becca and discovering more pieces of the jigsaw as the story went on..

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