11 May 2012


Book Review - Persephone the Phony by Joan Holab and Suzanne Williams (Goddess Girls 2)

Flower goddess Persephone has always just gone along with the crowd, instead of doing what she really wants.

But when she meets Hades, she finally feels she has found someone she can be herself with.  She likes hanging out with him, despite the fact that the other goddess girls think he's bad news.  Can she get her goddessgirl friends to accept her new godboy bud?

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My Review

As I also said in my review of the first book in the series (review can be found here), although this book is aimed at Middle Grade readers,  I am 31 and thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It was so much fun to read.

One thing that is enjoyable about this series so far is that every book is from a different Goddess' perspective.  In the first book, we follow the story of Athena and in this second book we are following Athena's friend Persephone.  So we have the same world but from different perspectives.

This story is mainly a love story between Persephone and Hades.  Persephone who is a goddess who can make flowers come back to life and Hades who is from the underworld.  To Persephone's friends and her mother, Hades is a bad guy and they should protect their friend/daughter.  To Persephone, Hades is someone that she can be herself with.

This is such a fun story fulled with romance and friendship.  Such a fun read...

9 out of 10

Best wishes

Debs :-)